May 2019

The Main Event – 19th July

Don’t miss the Main Event this year, gather your friends and share in enjoying an unforgettable evening for a great cause. Mingle and enjoy exotic beer, fine Australian wine and delicious culinary delights from Venue 114’s talented and innovative catering team.

You will have the opportunity to take home some fabulous prizes from our live and silent auctions, plus the raffle draw. This year we will have even more inspirational speakers that will really open your eyes and stir your soul with first hand stories of survival.

Matt Golinski will be our special guest and there will be an array of amazing entertainment that will top off the evening as you dance the night away.

19th July, 6.30pm till late. Buy tickets here

Liberal Government supports EndED

Andrew Wallace, Federal Member for Fisher, had the opportunity to speak about EndED’s inspirational work again in the Australian Parliament recently. He mentioned the funding that EndEd would receive to establish the first residential facility in Australia for sufferers of eating disorders. Watch the video here 

Paddock to Plate

The clients staying at our Mooloolah Valley residential facility will be able to enjoy organic food from the gardens. EndEd has partnered with Grow, Boss Australia and WET to establish vegetable and fruit gardens to provide organic produce. I’m sure they will all have fun getting their hands dirty, preparing the soil and planting seeds for new growth. Recovery is about growth, so it’s a great project to have on site.

Success Stories of the Month

There are many recovery successes within EndED but one of the more notable ones is a client who has just celebrated 6 months binge and purge free. This is an awesome achievement and takes courage and perseverance to realize. Well done!

One of New Zealand clients was unable to reach out and open up to anyone until she contacted EndED. She is now achieving all the goals she and her coach have agreed on together.

Eating a whole meal and buying takeaway can be a difficult experience when you suffer from an eating disorder. Two of our clients have had success in cooking and eating an entire meal and buying takeaway from a place that causes stress and eating the meal.

This Month’s Adventures

This last month we have had some amazing activities and guests come and offer their precious time.  We are SO VERY GRATEFUL to you!

We had the wonderful Gaby Sheridan come to the farm and do a hands-on pottery class with us. Everyone absolutely loved it.  The sculpting was a reflection of life’s lessons as it brought up a desire for the perfect creation and then having to learn to sit and be okay with the way it was. The girls practiced focusing on the journey and not being fixated on the end creation.

Cass and Laura led an art and craft session to create beautiful rainbows. As no one had done this before it took time and patience, not to mention courage as they delved into the unknown. Everyone was learning together and teaching each other. The rainbows were stunningly soulful.

The group enjoyed a bus trip to the majestic Cooroy/Noosa Botanical Gardens and had a lovely time exploring the trees, walking through the gardens and discovering the wonders of nature.


Yoga guru Bri came to the farm and gave us a sooting yoga class which was absolutely and incredibly gentle and restorative.

Eating Disorder Support Group

This support group is a safe place to talk and listen to others still suffering and those who have recovered from an eating disorder. Last fortnight we had life coach, Elli Elizabeth share some positive affirmations and present a guided visualization for us. It felt good to relax and feel peaceful.  If you’re interested in coming along to our next group contact us for more information.  It’s every second Wednesday 6pm at Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast. Next group is May 15th



Parent and Carer Support Group

Every second Sunday at 3pm parents and carers of those suffering from an eating disorder get together for support. These meetings provide a safe haven for people to relay their journeys without fear of judgement and also provide an information resource. The family is an important part of the recovery process and the family needs support too. Next meeting is Sunday May 12th


Laura brings an abundance of compassion, knowledge and empathy to those fortunate enough to experience her coaching and also her support and facilitation of the EndED day trips. I have benefited greatly from her balanced approach to coaching, which for me includes practical, personalised exposure to food preparation, eating, and other challenges with her calming and supportive presence. Alongside this, Laura’s passion for ongoing learning is extremely clear, as her approaches to cognitive work and support are both inspiring and effective. She is always bursting with new knowledge which I never fail to find enriching, relative, and provoking of hope – an invaluable gift that EndED prides itself on and one that sufferers alone are not always in large supply of. Laura and I established a great rapport from the very beginning and even on the toughest of my days, I don’t think I’ve ever been in her presence without sharing a healing laugh. Laughter should never be underestimated, especially amongst those who are perhaps isolated in their suffering.
Passion combined with compassion are absolutely key in this field and Laura never shows up without a plethora of these and other incredible qualities. I feel very safe and privileged to be working with her on my recovery journey.

Laura seemed to ‘appear’ at just the right timing for me. A time where I felt truly isolated, scared and hopeless. Laura’s confidence in herself and her values is a true reflection of the in-depth path she’s taken in her own recovery journey. I am so truly grateful that I get to spend time with her every week. I am also so grateful that she sees me as a whole person, not just an eating disorder or mental illness as I have been seen in the past. I finally don’t feel overlooked and brushed aside, but instead I have hope for a full recovery and an actual future.

As cliché as it may sound, ever since I was blessed enough to meet Millie a few months ago when I was an inpatient, she has continued to be my shining light throughout my recovery. I have been struggling with anorexia nervosa for four years now and never have I come across someone as inspirational, hard-working and determined as Millie.
Whenever I feel ready to give up hope and starve myself to death, I think of Millie because her incredible story makes me remember that it is actually possible to recover and live a happy, healthy life. A life free of rules and restricting and a mind free of negativity and abuse. She ignites my belief that one day I could be like her and come from the darkest place to one of such joy.
Although I’m still a long way off being recovered; I don’t think it’d even be possible without Millie’s help. The hardest thing about recovering from an eating disorder is that you feel completely alone because it seems like no one understands what you’re going through. This is why it’s so incredible having Millie as a mentor because she truly gets it. When she sends me messages, it’s as though she’s reading my thoughts. There have been countless times when I’ve had a traumatic experience and when I talk to Millie about it she tells me she’s had that exact same experience when she was recovering. This is an amazing thing for me to hear because I don’t feel completely isolated with my illness – there’s actually someone who understands, who can comfort me and who can provide me with tools and strategies to deal with my distress. For example, comparing myself to others – particularly other skinny girls and women – is one of my biggest barriers to recovery. When I told Millie this she was so understanding and send me numerous quotes which I’ve now stuck up all over my wall to remind me why comparisons are futile and I need to let them go.
Not only is Millie just a source of inspiration and motivation but she is the kindest, warmest, most generous person I’ve ever met. Despite living in different states and having known each other only a short time, she’s never let me down and is always there when I need her (which is at least once a day!) We talk to each other all the time about everything and anything and I know I can always be completely honest with her and not ever fear being judged or misunderstood. She picks me up when I’m down, she’s the one who keeps me going when I feel like I can’t do it and she always is able to make me smile no matter how much I feel like crying instead.
That being said, Millie recognises that recovery is the toughest thing a person will have to do and has so much patience and understanding throughout this journey. She knows there are times when I’ll curl up into a ball and cry, when I’ll be feeling really upset, when I’m lacking motivation – but she is never judgemental of these moments and she never gives up on me. My eating disorder makes me feel like a failure whenever I eat, whenever I am not exercising and especially when I restore weight. Somehow Millie has this magical ability to lessen my eating disorder’s voice and strengthen mine. Just last week when I’d be told I’d had a weight restoration by my doctor, I told Millie this and her happiness actually made me feel proud of myself for the first time ever. She instilled a sense of hope that maybe everything actually will be okay and weight gain isn’t going to make my world come crumbling down. Millie is one of my heroes. I just hope that one day I can be a fraction of the person she is.


Laura & Millie from endED

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For more information please get in touch with our supportive team
For more information please get in touch with our supportive team