Introducing our in-house Mindful Studio; CocoonED

We are thrilled to announce our very own House of Hope Mindful Studio. 
**Coming soon

Eating in the light of the Moon
Dr. Anita Johnston
"In our culture, we have come to prioritise the yang principles that are active, independent, and direct. Here, the intellectual energy drives forward, maintaining accuracy and control. Its power is associated with separation, identity, autonomy, and individuality.

We are less comfortable with the feminine qualities of yin; stillness, ambiguity, and yielding. We become impatient with cooperative, relationship-experiences, and feel impatient with the subtle qualities of, intuition, nurturance, and the environmental teachings."

Perhaps the process of Recovery requires support and exploration of both states; simultaneously. 

As Anita referenced, we tend to find ourselves, focusing on the yang, with information, cognitive processing, and direct, active treatment goals. What we have [also] listened for, is the need for a bridge back to building somatic resources. To explore alternative modalities, we may find that things move slower, shifting across different time-lines and, not always in a linear fashion. In this shared environment we witness; deeper processing, the surfacing of knowledge/s, forgotten resources, diverse experiencing, reflection, care and integration in our evolving self-form.

Through our Mindful Studio, we hope to create a space where each individual feels comfortable to show up and be met, as they are, in a safe and explorative environment. Whether you're practiced in the mode of yoga/somatic modalities, or are trying it out for the first time, we hope to support each of you in a safe, mindful and compassionate way. 


Cocoon-ED has been in the making for some time. Our earliest engagement with somatic health was through 'restorative yoga' with a wonderful yoga practitioner back in 2018. Mindful movement & meditation slowly gained more prevalence in our community and together we softened to this practice;

a practice of connecting; with self, each other and the environment that encircles us.

Currently we have a growing community of key facilitators who will been running trauma-informed yoga sessions, sound therapy, cocoa ceremony & vocal healing offered from our House of Hope. We were recently successful in the very first Australian Young Living Grant that has facilitated the necessary growth to establish a permanent in-house studio.

This studio will launch in the coming months. It will invite a range of classes throughout the week for;
- Participants [only]
- Families, loved ones, support persons, siblings and the wider community [only]
- Mixed, everyone welcome. 

*If you are hesitant to explore the modality of Yoga, one of our practitioners mentioned below, Stacey Louise can walk you through how this space may feel. She discusses yoga in her interview via our podcast.

A note on our equipment; 
We have up to 10 yoga mats, bolsters, eye pillows and linen throws available for use. You are welcome to bring along your own equipment also. We are proud to share that our equipment has been stocked by Meraki Mats & The Slow Mo Co. Both small Australian business that have a mindful, sustainable approach to their product development. 

A brief encounter with Stacey Louise;
Yoga Facilitator & Trainer.  

"It is such a great honour to be a part of the extended community of endED. Over the past 16 years, my role has been a Yoga Therapist working extensively with young people with disordered eating within a hospital setting. I have seen first hand the difficult conditions amidst a health care system that misunderstands or is under resourced to adequately support the complexities of experiencing Eating Issues. I have advocated for patients, I have cried with them and I have wished for a better, more integrated system of care.

endED offers what I have hoped for over the years, an emotionally safe and supportive space that is inclusive, compassionate and respectful. They support healing through a person centred, holistic approach. 

I have been running trauma-informed yoga classes at endED for the last few years. Together, we are now seeing the unfolding of our in-house studio, CocoonED. This space has been carefully curated for you by a group of passionate yoga teachers who have lived experience and/ or extensive experience teaching yoga to people with eating disorders.

endED welcome the ingenuity of their volunteer community. They move slowly and mindfully, and pay attention to that which might be a supportive & curious exploration for their participants."

More about Stacey Louise 

Overview of our Mindful Studio Circle

Let us take a moment to introduce you to our growing circle of practitioners. We have been fortunate to have their collective wisdom and unique practice approach shared with our Community over the last few years.

Though each practitioner comes to this space with diverse training and experience, they have, and continue to engage in our re-occuring Trauma Informed Studio Orientation and Training. 



Overview of our Mindful Studio Circle

Stacey Louise

CocoonED Yoga Facilitator and Trauma Informed Yoga Trainer

Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Children’s and Teen Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage.

Stacey is one of Australia's most experienced yoga teachers for kids, teens and adults. In her role as a Yoga Therapist, facilitating one on one sessions in hospital and mental health wards for the past 16 years, Stacey has offered thousands of young people hospitalised with disordered eating a gentle presence to be seen and heard during what is often a traumatising time within a challenging environment.  Stacey facilitates calming sessions both within hospital and private practice. She adores sharing yoga classes at the endED “House of Hope”. 

Stacey has developed and offered our very own in-house trauma-informed yoga teacher training across all of our CocoonED Facilitators, and will too be running sessions throughout the year. Come along to meet her!

Tahlia Connie

CocoonED Vocal Anchoring Facilitator and Allied Health

Founder of SOL: Self of Love

Experiencing over a decade in the music industry, Tahlia's calling for deeper self discovery grew, as there was a part of her heart that longed for more meaning in her art as well as her performing and music. Leaving behind her career, she traveled extensively around the world singing her way through Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, Europe, The UK, Canada and The USA.

After teaching herself Piano in recent years and now guitar, her original music has blossomed, recently completing 12 original songs ready to be shared with the world. After being based overseas for a number of years, Tahlia now resides in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland where she has devoted her calling to Music as medicine for Community. Tahlia is now part of our CocoonED Space, offering Group Vocal Anchoring Sessions. Tahlia is also part of our Allied Health Space offering; One on One vocal one off sessions or programs, Group Music Healing and Shiatsu sessions.

Nicole Sanders

CocoonED Yoga Practitioner

Nicole Sanders is from Willow Yoga Brisbane, Australia. After living with anorexia for over a decade, she is now living Free from the illness for over two decades. Mindfulness, mediation and yoga played a vital role in her recovery.

Nicole holds a peaceful sacred space for students. She uses invitational language in the class to make it inclusive, empowering students to explore, be curious & embody their practice and make it their own. Her practices are taught from the heart, with lived experience of her own mental health issues in the past – yoga was a key support in her healing journey.

Yoga transformed her life to live now with inner peace, happiness, and Freedom. She loves to support others who may struggle with their own Mental Health issues, she believes everybody has the potential to feel more whole, more grounded, and to know themselves more fully.

Nicole’s classes weave intentional movement, breath, meditation, and mantra, sprinkled with some philosophy for you to move down and in – into this breath – this physical and emotional body – to find that inner peace, a calmness that is at the centre of your being.


CocoonED Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

Hannah has held over 75 cacao ceremonies along the east coast of Australia. She first became a cacao ceremony facilitator in 2019 after falling in love with the heart opening meditation.

This ceremony with self and others connects you into the possibility of opening to what your heart wants most. It creates a soft embrace to the body, mind and spirit. Hannah works one-on-one and in group connection, creating a safe and warm space for each individual to be themselves.

After holding ceremonies for the public for a few years, Hannah now holds ceremonies for endED's House of Hope, which holds a special place in her heart. She is most excited to meet you and guide you through an internal field of scenery.


Get in touch if you are interested in coming along 


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