About us 

Our heart here at endED is centered on diverse ways of coming together. Through mindful consideration, we focus our services on creating space that invites individuals to find support and connection through their journey of Recovery.

We hope to maintain a space that is: inclusive, safe and home-like. We strive to create a space that is consistent and predictable, with aspects that remain flexible, in order to respond and adapt to our participants. During our time together we invite; reflection, contemplation, creativity, expression and diverse experiencing.


A world where everyone affected by eating disorders has access to treatment, resources, community connection and lived experience support to bring hope and enhance recovery.


We create hope for recovery for anyone affected by eating issues or eating disorders in Australia through compassionate, lived experience support and community connection.


Community; Co-design of service and offerings. Nurturing shared intrinsic values in the development of strategies that align to the needs and goals identified by the wider community.

Compassion; Respect for all - inclusive and welcome, feeling heard. Upholding privacy and confidentiality. Connecting sensitively to others experiences; acknowledging and embracing diversity, lived experience support, kindness and genuine care.

Connection; Nurturing engagement and participation. Inviting an ever-changing sense of 'self' which prompts new ways of 'being, surrendering, growing' within and connected with the community.


Adjunct Service Setting. 

endED is a non-clinical service with offerings that advocate for: Hope, Self-determination, Self- management, Empowerment and Advocacy in accordance with the National Recovery Framework, and informed by the National Eating Disorder Collaboration's, 'the peer work approach'.  

Being an adjunct support service, endED complements the evidence-based treatments individuals receive from local eating disorder in/out-patient services, day programs and private practices.  

Our offerings provide ways for people receiving and/or completing evidence-based treatments to come and simply 'be'... be encouraged, be supported, be connected, be replenished through a myriad of creative activities and integrative therapies, including yoga, shared group experiences and outings, and enjoying our local surroundings.  


Scope of Practice 

Our team comprises a myriad of professional backgrounds. We remain intentionally evidence-informed to position ourselves in support of the external evidence-based models that individuals will/may be moving through, between spending time with us.  

We hold space to come together to find a momentary ‘softening’ or ‘resting’ where individuals are welcomed to arrive and engage in a range of activities, allowing space and time to process, integrate, and explore a new way of 'being' in the world.  

During our intake process we connect with individuals and, where appropriate, any existing supports in place. We compassionately offer understanding and support for engagement with local evidence-based support options, and other services.  

We are guided by the national standards and best practice for eating disorders, encouraging [where possible] a wrap-around treatment team approach, as well as potential engagement with in-patient/out-patient, private and public, sub or adjunct programs and other major services, generally from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast.  

We offer a service that compliments clinical services delivered by other organisations and private practices. We celebrate the unique ‘gathering’ and connection people find in community - embracing the multifaceted holistic approach to each individual's unique recovery.



We orient ourselves by Local, State and National Mental/Health Organizations Guidelines & Policy, as well as the QMHC Lived Experience Framework celebrating the value of Lived Experience to inform our decision making and diverse spaces of engagement.  

Through our active revision with these frameworks, we position ourselves as a key community voice/body that highlights, advocates and encourages visibility and, importantly, provides a space that fosters on-going connection.  

We wish to acknowledge and celebrate the essential nature of our National Evidence Based Treatment modalities [such as CBT-E, SSCM, FBT, MANTRA and so forth] applied across eating disorders and eating issues.  

Here at endED, we seek to stay involved and relevant in the discourse of treatment revisions and growth across eating disorder research. As a team, we privilege professional development opportunities across; conferences, seminars and webinars as well as actively involve ourselves in discussions to improve treatment approaches.  

Similarly, we dedicate time fostering relationships with clinicians [both clinical & holistic] across the state and nation-wide. We do so to stay present to the language, treatment goals & intentions prefaced across the multidisciplinary setting, and to strengthen our position, that seeks to remain adjunct and in support of our surrounding service providers.  

As an adjunct service, supporting community, endED is positioned too  

identify common issues/goals 
mobilize resources 
build alliances  
provide [a form of] continuity of care and connection 
develop strategies in order to align to the needs and goals identified by the wider community 


The Team at endED welcome your comments, feedback, and input through our ‘Contact Us’ link

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Shared Meal Encounter 

At the endED House of Hope, we provide a range of offerings to support individuals on their journey through recovery. One such offering is our Community Connect Group, taking place twice a week across a  2-3 hour timeframe. During this time, we create space for a meal and/or snack [depending on the time of day] this we refer to as our ‘Shared Meal Encounter’. Depending on the activity and location, we share with participants whether there will be takeaway/dine-in options at a local store or café, or if we encourage a pre-prepared snack and/or meal. As facilitators, we mix it up so that every individual can make choices that feel comfortable and supportive for them or perhaps encourage them to explore a new edge/challenge. 

Our framework here is one which is prefaced throughout all offerings at endED, one that is challenge by choice. This approach aims to support individuals at their current stage of recovery by identifying their unique challenges and creating space and opportunity for their strengths to emerge. This person-centred approach hopes to encourage individuals to participate socially, in a trusted and safe environment. 

These encounters are guided by our Lived Experience Facilitators, who role model their current relationship to connected eating, holding understanding and compassion for the complexities and challenges of the recovery journey. Participation remains an invitational, and individuals are welcome to honour their ‘edge’ on any given day and engage only in aspects which they feel comfortable with and supported in.

The following key guiding principles inform our decision making;  

Consultation with the individuals loved ones and/or current support team [with consent]  

Meeting the individual where they are at; discerning their wins, strengths, safe-foods and current challenges. We use this to guide us in our [diverse] ways of supporting the individual as they continue to unfold in their recovery journey.  

We utilise a discourse that is ‘curious’ and ‘inquiry’ based when an individual is challenged [in; anticipatory anxiety, choices around food, ordering, preparing, consuming, post- meal anxiety, thoughts/feelings etc].  

We use these experiences to support the individual in the present moment, as well as to build an understanding of the day-to-day challenges and successes that are inextricably linked with their extended environment [home, work, relationships, studies and other external factors]. 

This approach aims to generate individual agency and capacity building.  


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Each day we meet and honour the land in which we gather. Here on the land of the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara Peoples. We would like to acknowledge their continuing connection to land, waters and culture and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We pledge our ongoing solidarity with the traditional owners and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in their struggle for recognition of sovereignty, historical truths and justice.