As cliché as it may sound, ever since I was blessed enough to meet Millie a few months ago when I was an inpatient, she has continued to be my shining light throughout my recovery. I have been struggling with anorexia nervosa for four years now and never have I come across someone as inspirational, hard-working and determined as Millie.

Whenever I feel ready to give up hope and starve myself to death, I think of Millie because her incredible story makes me remember that it is actually possible to recover and live a happy, healthy life. A life free of rules and restricting and a mind free of negativity and abuse. She ignites my belief that one day I could be like her and come from the darkest place to one of such joy.

Although I’m still a long way off being recovered; I don’t think it’d even be possible without Millie’s help. The hardest thing about recovering from an eating disorder is that you feel completely alone because it seems like no one understands what you’re going through. This is why it’s so incredible having Millie as a mentor because she truly gets it. When she sends me messages, it’s as though she’s reading my thoughts. There have been countless times when I’ve had a traumatic experience and when I talk to Millie about it she tells me she’s had that exact same experience when she was recovering. This is an amazing thing for me to hear because I don’t feel completely isolated with my illness – there’s actually someone who understands, who can comfort me and who can provide me with tools and strategies to deal with my distress. For example, comparing myself to others – particularly other skinny girls and women – is one of my biggest barriers to recovery. When I told Millie this she was so understanding and send me numerous quotes which I’ve now stuck up all over my wall to remind me why comparisons are futile and I need to let them go.

Not only is Millie just a source of inspiration and motivation but she is the kindest, warmest, most generous person I’ve ever met. Despite living in different states and having known each other only a short time, she’s never let me down and is always there when I need her (which is at least once a day!) We talk to each other all the time about everything and anything and I know I can always be completely honest with her and not ever fear being judged or misunderstood. She picks me up when I’m down, she’s the one who keeps me going when I feel like I can’t do it and she always is able to make me smile no matter how much I feel like crying instead.

That being said, Millie recognises that recovery is the toughest thing a person will have to do and has so much patience and understanding throughout this journey. She knows there are times when I’ll curl up into a ball and cry, when I’ll be feeling really upset, when I’m lacking motivation – but she is never judgemental of these moments and she never gives up on me. My eating disorder makes me feel like a failure whenever I eat, whenever I am not exercising and especially when I restore weight. Somehow Millie has this magical ability to lessen my eating disorder’s voice and strengthen mine. Just last week when I’d be told I’d had a weight restoration by my doctor, I told Millie this and her happiness actually made me feel proud of myself for the first time ever. She instilled a sense of hope that maybe everything actually will be okay and weight gain isn’t going to make my world come crumbling down. Millie is one of my heroes. I just hope that one day I can be a fraction of the person she is.

The time and effort Millie has put into my recovery and the recovery of our group is more than any treating team has. She has contributed to my recovery and supported me beyond any professional or multidisciplinary inpatient team which I believe is through her sincere love and care with her own experience and understanding. Millie has shown me there is an end to my eating disorder and that it is much better than what I am living with. I have never met someone so dedicated and passionate to their work and I think that is what makes Millie have such an impact on so many people. Despite her Mentorship, Millie acts as a friend and brings so much light and joy to my life which shows glimpses of myself that I haven’t seen in a long time. Without a doubt, Millie is the most inspiring, supportive and bubbly person I have ever met and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for her. Millie’s work is beyond anything else.

I thought I was alone and there was never going to be a end, until I met Millie.

Millie is such a caring, lovely and down to earth lady. Her story is very powerful and her strengths and her empowerments are helping others battle their inner demons. Millie has endless amount of knowledge related to eating disorders and is able to share them with her mentees. Millie has helped me right from the depths of my eating disorder to now being able to see light at the end of the tunnel. Not only is Millie a great help through sharing her experiences, Millie is so fun to be around with, her personality sparks me to the point I cannot stop laughing when I am with her. Millie is a very committed mentor and she would do anything for anyone.

After years of therapy that only ever helped me reach a certain point in recovery, I am so grateful to now have Millie Thomas mentoring me through this challenging process. Millie’s own lived experience and inspiring full recovery has given her compassionate insight into eating disorders that one cannot learn merely from books. With her support and motivation. I am regularly surprising myself and those around me with my recovery progress, and have garnered a more positive and powerful attitude. After years of hopelessness, Millie has helped me to see that I too am capable of a bright recovery and future.

endED…A heartfelt space of support through love, understanding, growth and humour.
The coming together of the passionate and determined in the quest to end eating disorders. To support and be supported by each other and our experiences on the journey through this hideous illness.

A fortnightly haven where we grieve, we learn, we share, we laugh…

I’m not sure how I would have managed this journey without the EndED carer support group. No-one can understand the challenges and pain involved in caring for someone with an eating disorder like another carer who has lived experience. This group is so warm, accepting and supportive, and that has gone a long way to helping me continue on
without losing my own mental health.

Gay and Mark Forbes who have hosted the group are in no small way responsible for driving not just the group culture but also the exciting action towards improving eating disorder services on the Sunny coast. It provides hope in a long and sometimes very depressing journey. There has been a sense of strength in having a group of people who really ‘get it’ and are determined to change the inadequate and sometimes appalling experiences with current treatment options. I’m so glad I was a part of the initial carer group that became EndED: so much strength; love; wisdom and even laughter forged from the suffering.

And now EndED has grown to include a support group for those struggling with an eating disorder and I see my daughter find some help there too; thank you!

My connection with EndED came about by chance, I was desperate and exhausted, trying to navigate my way around just how to deal with a loved one with an eating disorder, and by chance I was given a mobile number to call, which I did and attended my first EndEd meeting where I was introduced to amazing group of very accepting, non judgmental people. I have been a member of EndED for a couple of years now.. and without this wonderful support I truly cannot say were I would be today. It was about 4-5 months after my daughter was diagnosed, and to be honest I am struggling to remember the time line.. that’s now become an acceptable state of mind, forgetfulness! Someone at an EndEd meeting told me ‘futigue equals forgetfulness’, and after hearing this I stopped beating myself up about not being able to remember the simplest of things. That is one very small example of how being part of this wonderful organisation has helped me. That may sound very insignificant to most, but members of this group understand. It is incredible to think EndEd is a group of individuals that have come together with an invested interest in the wellbeing of their loved ones and those that a suffering this life changing illness. Through the connections I have made within EndEd I have been able to find the strength to keep on going and to be a better carer for my loved one and learn so much from others that have walked this path before me and my loved one. It has helped me to hang on to hope and determination, and give me strength, because this illness calls for it all. Some days, weeks and months can be very tough, and I mean tough, nothing like you have ever dealt with in your life before, and the connections made at EndEd provide the support and openness required to deal with this journey we are faced with. EndEd is a group of caring people that are from all walks of life, because this illness is not discriminative, it can be present in the most unsuspecting and it is through sharing experiences and ideas and understandings that has been the difference of this group as compared with with medical, text book style of treatment. I have learn’t there is not just one treatment available and that all sufferers are different and respond differently to all sorts of treatments. After becoming a member of EndEd I felt I was no longer alone and there are other families out there that are struggling, and some more so than I, and some less, but I no longer felt like it was just me dealing with this life changing experience, I stopped feeling so alone, and there was a life outside of being a 24/7 carer and that for just one evening a fortnight I could drop the guard and speak openly about what I was experiencing and at times laugh again. How much I look forward to the next meeting, some weeks that meeting could not come quick enough, just to be able to share and talk to others that understood. It is not just the support of other carers that is so valuable at EndEd but the wealth of knowledge from everyday people and then there are the professionals that come and go who offer an option or alternative to treatment and advice that might just work for your loved one. I have met some wonderful people and interesting people and each one of them I can thank for giving me the strength to tackle the next day. The value within this group is very comprehensive, and I have been fortunate enough to talk and learn from people that have recovered from an eating disorder to better understand what the challenges an ED sufferer is faced with. This is where the strength of this group ignites, the diversity, support and understanding is remarkable.

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